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Thinking of becoming an Academy?

The Secretary of State announced in mid 2010 new legislation which allows schools to apply to become an Academy. Many schools have converted and other schools are still considering the option. However, there have also been some situations where schools have been forced to become an Academy by officials at the Department for Education (DfE). Many schools are therefore actively taking steps to convert before being obliged to do it. On 1 June 2013 there were 2,976 Academies open in England.

All secondary, primary and special schools can convert to an Academy, but some schools are unaware of the process and the inherent benefits that conversion can provide. This is where we can assist.

How we can help

We have guided a number of schools through the conversion process to become an Academy. We can apply this knowledge and experience to your school. We will help you consider the options available, evaluate them against your circumstances and objectives and, ultimately, help you take the necessary steps to become an Academy.

We would be happy to meet with you for an informal discussion or to attend a Governors meeting to formally present, details of the following:

  • The benefits of becoming an Academy.
  • Which type of Academy is right for your school?
  • How to become an Academy and the legal process, including:
  • How long the process takes;
  • How we can help you with the Local Authority, DfE and any other relevant parties.
  • Pre-conversion housekeeping: 11 practical steps.
  • Post-conversion considerations.
  • Our experience in the sector including our key people.