James Braund, Senior Associate - Personal Injury Solicitor in Poole

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James handles personal injury and medical negligence work for both claimants and defendants. He has obtained successful outcomes in a wide variety of cases including claims and compensation for accidents at work, road traffic accidents, public liability accidents and clinical negligence cases, often on a no win no fee basis.

James joined Trethowans in 2007 after completing a Law Degree at Cambridge University and the Legal Practice Course at Bournemouth University. He is now Senior Associate in the Personal Injury Team having qualified as a Solicitor in 2009.

James is a UK Top Ranked Solicitor by Vouched For as featured in the Sunday Telegraph with a rating of 4.9 out of 5 and ranked again in The Mail on Sunday. Most recently, James has been ranked in The Times.

Examples of how James has helped clients include:

Slip and fall injury compensation

- James successfully acted on behalf of a Claimant who had been injured when he slipped in a pool of water in a fast food restaurant, causing him injuries to his spine and lower back.

Road traffic accident claim

- James also dealt with a claim on behalf of a Claimant who had been involved in a head-on road traffic accident, even though the Claimant's insurance broker had accidentally not renewed his vehicle insurance. The Claimant had suffered an exacerbation of a pre-existing knee injury. Although liability was initially denied, James was able to recover £6,600.00 for the Claimant and ensure that he did not pay anything to the other driver.

Faulty pavement accident compensation

- On another occasion James assisted a Claimant who had suffered significant facial injuries after tripping on a defect in a concrete parking area near to her home. James was able to prove that the concrete had not been adequately maintained and obtain appropriate compensation for the Claimant.

Dental negligence compensation claim

- James acted on behalf of a Claimant who suffered significant damage to his teeth when his new dentist attempted to re-porcelain some pre-existing dental implants. James was able to prove that the care which the Claimant had received fell below that he was reasonably entitled to expect and obtained £90,000.00 by way of compensation for the Claimant.

Compensation for anxiety and stress after an accident

- James pursued a claim for compensation for a 4 year old Claimant who had been injured whilst a passenger in a road traffic accident. The Claimant did not suffer any physical injuries but did suffer significant psychological injuries, including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, travel anxiety, avoidance of lifts, broken sleep, anger issues and separation anxiety. Following the issue of Court proceedings James was able to negotiate an appropriate settlement in respect of the case, which was approved by the Court.

Medical negligence claim and compensation

- James acted on behalf of one Claimant who had attended hospital the day after injuring his wrist. The hospital discharged him and advised him to keep his wrist mobile, failing to diagnose that he had in fact suffered a Scaphoid Fracture. Over the following months the fracture became displaced such that surgery was required in order to re-unite the fracture. James was able to secure £20,000.00 compensation for the Claimant within 7 months of his instruction.

What clients say about James:

Faulty building equipment - trip compensation

I would like to thanks James (Braund) for all the help he gave me; nothing was too much trouble for him. He worked on my behalf and fought for my case which he successfully won. I am most grateful, with sincere thanks - Mrs R

Accident compensation support

James was at all times wonderfully helpful and knowledgeable. He is highly professional in his attitude, kept me fully informed at all times and left no stone unturned in achieving the best possible result for me. Most of all he was so very supportive during a very difficult time. Thank you again, for everything; I shall miss our 'chats' - Ms S

Compensation for pain and suffering

I am extremely pleased with the service I received from Trethowans. James put together such a comprehensive and detailed case and I believe that their attention to detail was the reason that it seemed to be accepted by the other party without much question. The end result was far better than I’d ever expected. Although I had thought that winning the case was all that mattered, the financial benefit now seems like proper recompense for my pain and financial losses! I was kept fully informed throughout, over the course of maybe two years, and yet my involvement was limited to just answering necessary questions, which is just as I’d requested. I had been hesitant to embark on this course of action, fearing it would be stressful – in the midst of a very stressful period for me – but it could not have been more straightforward. I’m so glad that I chose such a reputable firm of solicitors, which together with the high standing of the expert witnesses, must have contributed to the success of the case. I would not hesitate to use Trethowans again, or recommend them to others. I’d like to express again my deep gratitude to James for the way in which he conducted the case - Mr F

Personal accident claim advice

Thanks for all your help in this matter, your advice was invaluable and you and your team were a pleasure to deal with - Mr E

Medical negligence claims advice

I cannot thank you enough for your patience and understanding at all times, your sensitivity when discussing intimate medical matters, and always taking great care to explain things in layman’s terms when necessary. I never, ever felt I was being a nuisance, or being a pain (although at times I’m sure I must have been)! I am particularly impressed with the efficient way you handled all enquiries, kept me informed every step of the way, and the speed with which you dealt with all communications – it is so refreshing to receive such prompt attention! Your professionalism is second to none and I would not hesitate to recommend you to others, or come back to you should I need to seek advice in the future, In fact, the entire Trethowans team were a pleasure to work with and you are an absolute credit to them – Mrs S

Away from the office ...

James enjoys watching and participating in most sports, particularly football, cricket, hockey and rugby. He is also a keen supporter of Southampton Football Club and Hampshire County Cricket Club.