James Gleisner, Chartered Legal Executive

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  • Team:Personal Injury
  • Office:Southampton

James is a Chartered Legal Executive in the Personal Injury team dealing with all manner of personal injury cases to include road traffic accidents, employer's liability cases, public liability cases, slips, trips and product liability to name but a few. James has been working within the personal injury field since February 2007 with two previous law firms before joining Trethowans in October 2015. James therefore has plenty of years experience in the area, gaining invaluable knowledge along the way. James is a member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) and sits on the committee for the Hampshire Law Society.

James is also a trustee of The Wayne Howard Trust who are an acquired brain injury charity based in Southampton, helping those with an acquired brain injury and supporting their families through, what is, a very tough time.

In 2017 James was appointed as Deputy Vice President of Hampshire Incorporated Law Society.

James aims to bring a friendly and approachable service to his clients whilst maintaining his high level of professionalism.

What clients say about James:

"I would like to thank you very much for all of your help with this case. You have been fantastic all of the way through with sound advice and knowledge and great professionalism and I am very happy with the service provided and the successful conclusion that was achieved." - Mr H

"My thanks go to James for his professional assistance in handling my case. In all instances James was polite, empathetic, honest, professional and assuring - being patient and clear in his instructions. I would have no hesitation in recommending his services to friends and family." - Ms S

"The case went very smoothly with James keeping me informed throughout. It was stress free and I was happy with the whole process."- Mr B

"A very speedy and professionally executed claim that was very well followed up by the case handler."

"Great communicator and had my interest throughout, which showed in his behaviours"

"I would like James to be highly commended for his hard work and approachable and attentive approach. Without James' sensitivity and patience I would not have pursued my case. James' manner was calm and reassuring which promoted trust and confidence. His communication skills were excellent, taking time to explain fully and clearly and not confusing me with jargon; neither did I feel rushed or an imposition at any time. Highly professional and has restored my faith in legal personal. I would recommend him unreservedly.” Ms White

Examples of how James has helped clients:

- James acted for a client who was involved in a road traffic accident where the Defendant collided with the rear of his client's vehicle. The insurers for the Defendant admitted liability for the accident within the Ministry of Justice portal process. As a result of the accident, James' client suffered injuries to the back of their head as well as pain to the neck and left trapezius. They did not require any time off work but did need to work from home for 2-3 days following the accident. They were also unable to play in their music band which was their main hobby. A gig they had planned needed to be cancelled. Following an examination, the medical expert concluded that James' client injury to the head resolved within a few days but that the injury to the neck and left trapezius would take 5 months from the accident date to resolve. James successfully managed to negotiate a settlement in the total sum of £2,410 which included compensation for the injuries and reimbursement of £160 worth of physiotherapy treatment. This case was concluded approximately 4-5 months after James being instructed by the client.

- James acted for a client who had been involved in an accident in which he was knocked off his bicycle. James' client was cycling down the centre of a road which was heavy with stationary/slow moving traffic. There was a cycle lane on the left hand side of the lane but this was often blocked by cars edging out of side roads and therefore blocking the client's path. As he was cycling and approached one side road, unknown to him, a car emerged from the side road and collided with him, knocking him off his bicycle and causing a broken collarbone as well as soft tissue injury to his hip, knee and ribs along with various cuts and bruises. There was also damage to his bicycle. The Defendant argued that James' client should have been using the cycle lane and should have been aware, due to the cars causing a break in the traffic, of the Defendant's emerging vehicle. After some extensive negotiations, the Defendant agreed that there was liability on both sides and it was agreed to split the same 50/50, apportioning equally to both parties. The Defendant subsequently made a pre-medical offer of £4,750 to settle the case that my client was more than happy to accept as compensation for his injuries and damage caused to his bicycle.

- James acted for a client in relation to the injuries that he sustained when he was invovled in a Road Traffic Accident. The Defendant drove into the rear of the clients vehicle whislt he was waiting for a gap in the traffic and looking to his right. The client suffered injuries to his neck and left shoulder which radiated across to his right shoulder, however his right shoulder ended up the worst affected. Upon examination it was deemed that the client would have permanent restriction in his shoulder and back which affected him at work and restricted his duties to the extent that he had to reduce his working week from five days to four and then eventually to three. The client was also forced to consideder early retirement. Both a loss of earnings and affect on pension loss needed to be taken into account when considering the value of this case. However the client did also have some pre-exisitng symptoms that attributed to his injuries and so it was unlikely all losses would be attributed to the accident. The client agreed settlement in his case at £48,000 which included healthcare outlay and damges towards his loss of earnings and pension loss.

Away from the office...

James is a big sports fan, there are not too many sports that he cannot talk about or find some interest in. Football is James' big passion though and he is a long standing fan of local side Southampton FC, getting along whenever possible.

Outside of sport though he enjoys reading, music and films. James also likes to get outdoors and explore what the UK has to offer as well as being keen to travel to more of the far reaching places of the globe.

Specialist areas

  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Road Traffic Accidents
  • Employers Liability
  • Product Liability
  • Claims against the Highway Authorities
  • Occupiers Liability
  • Claims for Children